George Lawrence

George Lawrence.George Lawrence is the headmaster of Wu Xing Chinese Martial Arts. He began his training in Chinese martial arts in 1963. For fourteen years he learned under five Chinese teachers, the most central to what he teaches today being Masters Wang Yihai (Xingyiquan) and Liang Jiebing (Tai Chi). Grand Master Lawrence has been teaching in his own schools since 1975. In that time he has taught Chinese martial arts to more than two thousand people. In addition to having presided over the largest Chinese martial arts school in Boston before returning home to Vermont in 2006, Grand Master Lawrence taught martial arts to inner-city youth in non-profit organizations over three decades. Today he is ranked as a Grand Master of the Chinese martial arts.

Grand Master Lawrence is a graduate of Boston University with undergraduate and graduate work in international relations and Chinese studies. He served in the U.S. Army.

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Hannah Weisman

Hannah Weisman.Hannah Weisman is a teacher of Tai Chi at Wu Xing Chinese Martial Arts. She has been training in Tai Chi with Master Lawrence since 2007 and also trains in Pu Dao Kung Fu.

Hannah graduated from Mount Holyoke College with undergraduate work in German studies and Holocaust studies. She earned a master's degree in museum studies from the Cooperstown Graduate Program. Hannah currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, where she works in education at the Boston Athenaeum and teaches a weekly Tai Chi class at the Tobin Community Center in Mission Hill.

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